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Corey Parrish
1987 - 2008

My son Corey first started his musical studies on piano but later became interested in guitar at about age 10.  His ear has always amazed me, even as a child.  He would sometimes hear me playing something and stop me to point out he heard a note or chord that wasn't quite right.  Sometimes, I'd even challenge him on it but he would end up being right.  After learning a few chords and playing some typical popular songs that guitarists learn in the 90's, he heard Jimi Hendrix and wanted to learn "Little Wing" and "Castles Made of Sand" - way over his head, or at least I thought.  I taught him both songs the best I could, and he caught on quickly.  He later became interested in finger picking and soon began composing his own songs as well as learning some fairly difficult songs from some of his favorite composers, like Andrew York.  Corey is diverse and amazes me with his ear, his two-hand taping skills, and compositions.  I'm so proud of Corey and know that he will continue to grow musically and spiritually.  I love jamming with him off the cuff which always makes for some interesting music.  Below is one of my favorite compositions of his entitled, "Malandra".

Corey, I wrote the words above on December 8, 2007.  I'm so glad you read them.  No one could have known that you would have lived
less than 3 months more.   There are no words in any language to describe the emptiness within me after losing you.
I miss you, I love you, and your music and memory will live in my heart

the hearts of many for years to come.

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Malandra - Corey Parrish, solo guitar